TNR is the humane trapping of free roaming cats(either stray or feral) having them spayed or neutered along with rabies vaccination and returning them to their colony to live out their life. TNR has been proven to be the most cost effective and humane way to maintain feral cat colonies without killing. The cats are easily spotted by an "ear-tip" ,a small piece of the left ear is tipped as a universal symbol that the cat has been sterilized and should not be re-trapped.



Although there is no way of knowing exactly how many cats there really are,recent estimates show around 300,000 cats living right here in Broward County! An astonishing 70 million cats are estimate to live within the United States. One pair of unaltered cats to produce hundreds into a colony over a few short years. Amplify that by the fact that most existing colonies of 10 plus cats are currently unaltered.


Benefits of TNR

  • Decrease the number of cats in local shelters. There simply aren't enough homes for every cat.  
  • Altered male cats fight less there for their quality of life is improved
  • Altered female cats no longer have the risk of developing deadly uterine infections or mammary caner
  • Provides better chances for current shelter cats to find their forever home. Domestic house cats that people have failed to have sterilized     contribute to the majority of shelter cats.


You can help make a difference! Donations allow us to continue our TNR efforts. Donations go toward the cats surgeries, rabies vaccinations, humane traps and food. 

Angelico Cat Rescue is a not for profit company registered in the State of Florida as 501(c)3 Corporation.