In the past,  if someone would have told me that I would be starting a cat rescue, I would have told them they must have meant someone else, not me.  Although I’m a lover of all animals, I have 3 pomeranians and I knew very little about cats.  Then,  almost 2 years ago all that changed.

My community had a colony of homeless cats which included a few pregnant females.  I saw a neighbor going to feed them every night  and one day I stopped her to ask her about them.  She was very upset because she had received a letter from the management company advising her to stop feeding them or they would be trapped and destroyed.  I knew I had to step in and help.  My neighbor and I trapped them all including  one of the mothers which was very young, just a kitten herself, who gave birth only 2 days after being trapped.  The new mother was scared and really didn’t know what to do with the kittens she was birthing and in turn  ignored her second kitten.  I felt I needed to intervene when after about 10 minutes, the kitten still wasn’t moving or breathing.  I removed the birthing sack and started CPR by giving her short little bursts of air in her mouth and nose and rubbing her vigorously with a towel to warm and stimulate her.  After a couple of minutes she took her first breath.  She survived and is thriving today.  I believe if she had been born outside she would not have survived and she would not be a part of my family.(See Amber's photo below!)

Salvation comes in many different ways. At the time when I did my first “rescue” I also was having a difficult time in my life.  Having recently lost a loved one, helping these defenseless creatures helped me too. Although I’ve been a volunteer for other rescue groups, I realized that here are so many unwanted cats on the street, I decided to start my own rescue group and help find forever loving homes for them. As time went on I learned more about their personalities and characters and just fell in love with cats.  Among the many things I’ve learned, I’ve come to understand that there are no mean cats,  just very scared ones.  In the past couple of years,  I have rescued many more cats who each have their own story. I have nurtured them back to health and helped them to adapt again until I  found good loving homes for them.