Approximately 3 year old neutered male. Boots used to spend his days,with sister Lola, living on a busy street searching for food and shelter. Safe in the comfort of his foster home, Boots now spends his days playing with other fostered cats. Looking for an amazing forever home!

Pandi is a spayed female estimated to be between 4 and 5 years of age. Her owner, sick with cancer, asked Angelico Cat Rescue to care for sweet Pandi and find her a forever home that could love her as much as she did.


KitKat is a shy and loving petite little girl! Will love you for a good chin rub!  She would prefer a home where she is the only cat. She is already spayed and has a four paw declaw.


Reeves is grey and white adult neutered male around 2 years of age. Hes a shy but sweet boy once he feels comfortable. Reeves and his brother, Coors, were found when they were about 1 year old and have been in foster since then waiting to find a perfect forever home.


Pancho is a 3 year old neutered male tuxedo tabby. Sadly he and his sister were from a litter of kittens born to a family who's pet cat had an accidental litter. How could anyone resist this sweet face? He's ready and waiting for his new loving home!


Sassy Mercury is a spayed female estimated to be around 2 years of age. She has a beautiful fluffy tail and gorgeous silky black fur!

Crash is a handsome solid grey, neutered male and is 6-7 years old. Although he is AIDS positive he is expected to live a long and healthy life! Nothing slows this tough guy down

Meatloaf is nothing short of a miracle. He and his litter mates were living behind a dollar store where someone was feeding them poison. Meatloaf was the only kitten in his litter who survived!
He is almost 2 years old now and ready for his forever family to find him.

Beautiful 3 year old spayed female. Sheena was rescued by Angelico cat rescue along with her brother, Pancho. Sadly she and brother were unwanted kittens that a family's pet cat had by accident. Although shy at first she has a wonderful personality.

Don't let the name fool you, Jake is a sweet little lady! She is a spayed female and almost 2 years old.

Cleo is a brown tabby, spayed female with stunning orange eyes! She is up to date on vaccines and up for adoption through Angelico Cat Rescue!

Franky is a handsome Russian Blue mix, neutered male almost 2 years old. Give this good looking guy a forever home!


Gigi came to Angelico Cat Rescue after being struck by a car and suffering from an old leg injury. Although she has a limp left rear leg she is a happy and sweet girl!


Domino is a 3 year old neutered male black and white tuxedo. Cats don't come much cuter than this!


Oh Zeus! What can we say?  This big guy enjoys long days sitting by the window and watching the great outdoors! He would prefer a forever home in a nice quiet environment and seems to prefer men over women. He is a neutered male estimated to be at least 5 years of age.

Popcorn is a Silly 4 year old spayed female white and tabby kitty.


Coors was taken in for adoption around 1 year old with his brother Reeves. He is a neutered male and almost 2 years old now. Both he and Reeves would love a forever home!


Figuero is a three year old Siamese who was living in a good home. His owners had to move, and forgot to take poor Figuero with them. He was left in the backyard to starve. We gave him a good temporary home; help give him a permanent home today!

Momma Cat~

Momma is solid black spayed female. At only 2-3 years of age she came to Angelico Cat Rescue with a litter 3 frisky babies in tow. She's ready to be pampered in a new forever home!


Pearl spent her whole life in the comfort of a home with a loving owner. Sadly, Pearls owner pasted away and Pearls care was left up to her son. He sold the home and left poor Pearl outside to fend for herself in a colony of 10 other cats. Please help Pearl find a forever home when she can live peacefully in her golden years. She is a 12 year old spayed female.

Everglades Rescue
The cats featured below were rescued from the Florida Everglades.
A total of 13 cats were taken in by Angelico Cat rescue. Although we do not know the exact age of following cats they are estimated to be young adults.

Sabrina - female

Juliette -female

Selik -male