Foster Homes Needed!

If you are looking to be involved and make a difference for a cat in need but not able to make a life time commitment, fostering  may be a great option for you!

Some of the most common reasons a foster home is needed:

  • Injured or ill cats that need a safe environment to heal and recover
  • A nursing mother with kittens
  • A kitten that is simply to young to be placed for adoption
  • Lack of physical space/housing in the shelter
  • Socialization

Fostering can be a very rewarding experience! Please contact Angelico Cat Rescue if you have room in your heart and home to help a cat in need.

Unable to adopt or foster?

Donations are a great way to help. Donations are needed to continue our program. Monies donated go toward food, medical expenses, toys,bedding and litter(lots of litter!)

Bentley & Vader

These sweet little boys were found when they were only 3 weeks old. Needing to be bottle feed every few hours a foster home was the only they could be saved.